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Riverplace Condominiums

Riverplace is a group of eight condominium buildings on the Willamette River Marina. Featured in many picture-postcard views of Portland’s riverfront skyline, Riverplace is at the heart of this city.

Each of the eight buildings is taking on a new look with colors designed by Mary McMurray. The separate main color for each building is complimented by accents of brown, green, and crisp white that unify Riverplace. Art First also chose differering interior colors for the eight lobbies that suit the character of each.


before Art First there was a lack of harmony

before Art First the entrances were bleak and austere

My personal attention to your needs, either meeting on site or working at a distance, is a guarantee that the results are of consistent excellence.

modernizing after
condo after


Irvington Row


Condominium colors by Willamette Shores Condominiums
Nine condominium buildings on the river front are updated with three different main colors and additional trim colors, giving each structure a distinct identity while preserving a unified community feeling. The new awning fabric, also selected by Art First, brightens and harmonizes with the overall color palette.
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The Biltmore Apartments


The Biltmore Apartments on NW Glisan were painted this ghostly light gray for at least fifteen years.

Art First developed these historically correct colors (right).

The colors were approved by the State of Oregon to maintain the structure's historic registry, and brighten the whole neighborhood.


Castle Manor



Castle Manor in its sumptuous new colors

Row House Colors

Before Art First got to the drab row-houses (above), the residents felt anonymous.
McMurray designed each home (right) to suit the individual tastes of the ten homeowners, and created a distinctive unity of color with additional Victorian details. Each house is unique, yet shares a tonal resonance with every other one.


Open Courtyard Complex

Alexander Court, a traditional open courtyard apartment complex. With our updated colors the residents were inspired to new heights in their landscaping.

We guarantee that every color design we create is original and selected especially for you.
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