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Dil Se

Indian Cuisine

now open

The beautiful new Dil Se Indian Cuisine (dil se means "from the heart"), located at S.W. 12th and Jefferson. Interior design, colors, lighting, material selections and decorative accessories by Mary McMurray of Art First. Delicious food served with warmth, courtesy of Shamla and Ramesh. Convenient to the Portland Art Museum, The Old Church Concert Hall, and PSU.

New Look for Shari's Restaurant

Better colors attract more business

How do you like the comfortable new colors we designed for the exteriors of all 100 plus Shari's Restaurants? Famous for pies and comfort food, Art First updated their corporate identity with attractive colors.


Hawkins Cellars Tasting Room

Dundee, Oregon

The Highcliffe




Fine fresh local cuisine and a spacious inviting bar make The Highcliffe a welcome addition to our scene. The various dining rooms offer different styles suitable for intimate groups, family dining or group affairs.

A palette of delicious paint colors distinguishes each dining area, heightening your whole experience of “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”.


The Highcliffe Restaurant
602 7th Street,
Oregon City, Oregon

In designing the new colors and décor I worked closely with the owners to create the sophisticated yet casual atmosphere they desired. In particular we wanted this historic 1922 venue to benefit from a contemporary aesthetic.

I especially enjoyed the hunt for humorous historical décor and art pieces!




Opening an arched space into this booth added light and flow between two dining areas. New carpet and lighting improved the ambience.

Tandoor Indian Kitchen




Responding to customers’ remarks on the lack of ambience in the uniformly green-painted restaurant the owners contacted Art First Colors for a major facelift. They hoped to make their restaurant more comfortable and family-friendly and bring in the warm visual flavor of Southern India they loved.

Color design for restaurant, coffee shop, bar, bistro. Delicious paint colors and lighting design by Mary McMurray, Color and Design Consultant. Portland OR





Delighted to plunge into research about Indian design, art, and architecture, I benefited in many ways from the fascinating visual journey. The colors, fragrances and landscape of India heightened my appreciation for the luscious cuisine I was presented with at Tandoor. My goal was to bring some of the dazzling beauty of the culture to us somewhat soggy denizens of Portland, and to do it without being gaudy or detracting from the simple elegance of the space.




I selected new lighting design and fixtures and receommended the new artwork. For painting I chose a spicy delectable panoply of nine colors to add warmth to every surface from ceiling to floor. With my encouragement the owners installed new wooden booths to replace the stand-alone tables along the walls and added wall sconces to make each booth an intimately comfortable dining experience.

above: The window film pattern, a “cut-glass” prismatic floral motif with multi-colored facets, relates well to Indian fabric and tile patterns while it provides privacy from sidewalk traffic.





Tandoor Indian Kitchen
406 S.W. Oak Street,
Portland, Oregon

Stellar Coffee Shop


Regal colors enhance your sense of taste at Stellar Coffee, Portland

“I finally found two places where you could get great coffee.
This is one of them”

This is a one time coffee shop and not a chain. The owners work in the shop -


Zinc Bistrot

by Angela Allen of The Columbian

N.W. 21st Ave, Portland is the pace-setting srteet that thrust Portland food into the national limelight and has left this area glowing.

Now the warm-walled Zinc Bistrot -- thanks to the eye of Mary McMurray, color consultant -- has opened at that address, and yes, the 'T' should be at the tail end of that all too familiar "bistro."

Co-owner Susan Sarich and Houston Striggow, a Chicago food couple, with their five-star French chef Jean Joho have done their research and revamped the place to look urbanely urban-French.

after: the Zinc Bistrot at opening. Photo by Holly Stickley

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